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Favourite Photo Friday: Pigeons in the sky over the Vienna State Opera House

I couldn’t do the clichéd tourist photo of pigeons in St. Mark’s Square in Venice because I had to tend to The Husband who thought he was dying of the hiccups. Nobody really cares to photograph pigeons anywhere else (NYC anyone?) but I thought this photo of pigeons flying over the Opera House buildings in Vienna is as good as any for a second place location.


Vienna, Austria .

Favourite Photo(s) Friday: The Blue Lagoon

The Husband won’t let me turn the heat up. He says he’s not made of money and I should wear socks. I don’t understand how turning it up one teeny tiny degree will bankrupt him. It’s been a long week at school… last week of the semester. I don’t want to fight with him, but I’d much rather be here:

IMG_6466 (2)

IMG_6495 (2)


IMG_6538 (2)

The water is deliciously warm and I can walk barefoot.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

Favourite Photo Friday: The Famous Bean

oPicture 148

“Cloud Gate” more commonly known as “The Bean” by sculptor Anish Kapoor, Chicago

My jumping pose was inspired by seeing other tourists (teenage girls) jumping perfectly in their high heels. Don’t know how they did it so gracefully, I could barely land on my own two feet in my running shoes. Thanks to The Husband for capturing me mid-air..

Favourite Photo Friday: Cafe au Lait & Beignets

Café du Monde is a cute French coffee shop located in the French Quarter in New Orleans. It’s supposed to be a place you can’t miss and everyone raves about their coffee (café au lait, coffee with steamed milk) and beignets (pretty much a donut without a hole… I guess you can picture those fritter things from Tim Hortons… which, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone actually eat). It was a nice experience sitting outside in the late evening watching people walk by, the place was pretty full, there was a man playing a saxophone nearby and the rain that had been coming down all evening had finally stopped. I suppose in a way, you can’t get more New Orleans than this.


Café du Monde, French Quarter, New Orleans – Louisiana