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The One About Right Now

Finally a moment to breath! It’s been a super busy last two weeks three weeks and all The Husband and I┬ácan agree on are the colour of our kitchen chairs. We’re not making progress here. I’m an art teacher and I have a vision in my head. The Husband is having a hard time understanding.

All I want to do is crawl under the warm covers and stay there for a very long time, sleeping.

And then, when I wake up I want to take a nice long walk all by myself. Because the best walks are those taken alone -


And after that, I want to swim in warm water – this colour blue preferably:


And then I want to get back into my nice warm bed and read a good book.

Then sleep again.

Repeat cycle a few times…

Then I’d like to watch Property Brothers on TV but not really pay attention until the end (when they show the final designs and compare those designs to the original rooms), because that’s the most interesting part. The rest of the show is really boring, I don’t know why I bother.


Correction: the best walks are not taken alone…because then you have nobody to complain about how cold your hands are..

The One About: 15 Ways The iPhone Has Sucked The Fun Out Of Traveling

Oh dear…


Sooo… is it only me, or dose anyone else wonder about #4, those kinds of people who take photos of fireworks rather than just enjoying the show? I can’t count how many fireworks shows I’ve been to where there’s someone in front of me waving their phone/camera around trying to record what’s happening. It’s really not nice looking at other people’s fireworks pics. The quality is never great and you can get a much better show watching it on TV. Plus, isn’t the point to be there are experience it (noises and all) in person? So silly. Maybe I’m missing something?.