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The one about the icy tree.

This morning when I peeked out the window, I was greeted with a scene so breathtaking, I simply had to wake The Husband right then and there (that and the fact that the power was out and I felt the pressing need to inform him about it). He didn’t share my enthusiasm for the beauty of our ice-covered tree, but nice guy as he is, he did insist that I make use of this opportunity and go and busy myself with the camera to better improve my photography skills. That’s the husband, always looking out for me! He went back to bed and I opened the door, stepped outside, and almost immediately slipped on the ice– but the camera was okay – yes the CAMERA WAS O.K. — HUSBAND DARLING, I REPEAT, THE CAMERA IS JUST FINE.


I know, I know, many a GTA-living person have already shared their icy morning wonders and woes with the world already, but how many of you have this kind of trapped fairy-tale-esque enchantment of a tree with poisonous berries growing so determined in their yard?

I think it’s gorgeous.

I’d sit by the window and stare at this beauty of nature but I have the flu – the Husband likes to share.


Repost (from the old blog): Mandela, Prisoner to President

This is Robben Island where former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela (and other political prisoners) were imprisoned during the apartheid. The island is about 8km away from Cape Town and ferries regularly take visitors to the former prison to learn about the site. Two things I found surprising: 1. ex prisoners conduct the tours, 2. people still live on the island. I can’t imagine the strength you’d need to have to willingly want to work in the very environment that represents such a challenging and difficult personal time…

Above: Entrance, barbed wire fence, Mandela’s cell…

Rest in peace Madiba.

“Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.” – Nelson Mandela.