The One About Istanbul

“Rome may be The Eternal City, but Istanbul can make a pretty good case for immortality too. The cities are about the same age, both over two-and-a-half millennia, and for much of that time the larger, wealthier, and more influential of the two was not the one in Italy. In fact Istanbul, known as Constantinople at the time, spent hundreds of years ruling over Rome as the capital of the Roman Empire.” – see full article here

Istanbul is magical. That’s all I can say.

8 Things Not to Miss in Istanbul lists the eight must-sees for all. Below are my images of the 8 rather 7… #4 was eaten and not photographed :D

#1 Be awed by the Blue Mosque

turkey 212

turkey 076

#2 Learn the mysteries of underground Istanbul

turkey 1043

(underground water cistern – the conclusion of Dan Brown’s Inferno takes place here)

#3 Get lost in the Grand Bazaar

turkey 1119

#4 Enjoy Turkish delight (yeah this one didn’t get photographed, but was definitely enjoyed)!

#5 Be blown away by Hagia Sophia

turkey 218

tuerky 2 210 tuerky 2 240

#6 Learn how Turkish carpets are made

turkey 1103

#7 Live like a sultan in Topkapi Palace

turkey 993

#8 Ride the funicular (to Taksim Square)

turkey 1251

turkey 1254

For more info on these places/things, check out the article.

“If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

15 thoughts on “The One About Istanbul

  1. I think Istanbul would’ve been the capital up to the 1800s, but NYC would probably be the capital now.

    1. Fuz, thank you for commenting! Actually I think maybe it was you (or Samira) who posted this article on FB, so thank you!

  2. We’re going next year – so glad for your log or everyone does the beaten tourist routes… Love the underground pictures. And the carpet making – great idea!

  3. I really enjoyed looking at the photo’s you took in Turkey .The land where east meets west , part of it in Europe and part of it in Asia . Hope I can go visit it someday

  4. The problem with places that are close to where I live is that I tend to push them down my travel list, thinking ‘Oh, it’s just an hour flight away. Will visit it soon.” But since you highly recommend Turkey, I’m seriously thinking about planning a trip next year. I just checked the fares and it costs $648 roundtrip per person – not bad at all!

    1. That sounds like a good price! I know, I’m always thinking the places in the States so close by we can just roadtrip to it, but then we never get to it and often the prices equal out to very similar anyways. But you have so many countries nearby, no excuse!

    1. Aunty Amy: Thank you for commenting here! Those are two things we didn’t get to see/do. I would love to try a Turkish hamaam especially (and could really use one today after spending an hour outside lol).

  5. I so agree with your choices – my favourite: the cisterns. This has to be one of my favourite places to visit so far

    1. Thanks for your comment Daphne!
      I was so excited when I got to the end of Dan Brown’s book because I could tell from the clues it was the cisterns and having been there made me even more excited :D

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