Favourite Photo Friday: Tulum, Mexico

mexico-192 copy

Tulum (Mayan ruins), Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Photo Friday: Tulum, Mexico

  1. ‘liya, congrats on the new layout! This page might still be a work in progress, but I’d like to give a couple of ideas.

    1. Your pictures are beautiful! These photographs could look more appealing visually if they are framed. My favorite software is PhotoScape. It’s very user-friendly. Maybe you’d like to try that.

    2. This page needs a border on both sides. That way, your ad won’t go all the way to the right side. It’s always nice to avoid having to scroll horizontally.

    Having said that, I am SO glad you are back to blogging regularly. I always look forward to reading your travel adventures!

    1. Nadia, thanks so much for the tips, really appreciate it! Yes the whole thing is still a work in progress but I’ll try the PhotoScape thing for the next one. I always wondered how you framed your pics so nicely. My work-in-progress things take awhile (if you haven’t noticed lol).

      And I’m going to ask Vick to look into the border thing for me. One of the problems I’m having is what I see on my laptop is totally different from what I see of the blog on other computers I use often in other locations.

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