Favourite Photo Friday: The Famous Bean

oPicture 148

“Cloud Gate” more commonly known as “The Bean” by sculptor Anish Kapoor, Chicago

My jumping pose was inspired by seeing other tourists (teenage girls) jumping perfectly in their high heels. Don’t know how they did it so gracefully, I could barely land on my own two feet in my running shoes. Thanks to The Husband for capturing me mid-air..

2 thoughts on “Favourite Photo Friday: The Famous Bean

  1. when you zoom in it looks like a clothing advertisement. I tried to see if I could see myself in the bean… I was unsuccessful lol

    p.s. what happened to those shoes?

    1. Not really, my jacket is missing a very noticeable button! I don’t know what happened to the shoes, but the jacket was left at the Living Arts Centre on a field trip with my Crafts class a few years ago… I realized right after we left, figured it wasn’t worth it to bring all the students back inside to wait for me. I still have the button though :D

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