Favourite Photo Friday: Repost – The. Best. Photo. Ever.

Copied from the no longer functioning old WordPress blog, this is seriously the best photo in my collection of pictures and therefore worthy of sharing again:


Is this what a silent scream looks like? Where are his teeth?

The man I love.

Swinging through the air in Costa Rica.

7 thoughts on “Favourite Photo Friday: Repost – The. Best. Photo. Ever.

    1. I can’t remember who took it, not sure if it was me or someone else. I think someone else. I was probably in the corner sweating my turn next lol.

    1. Fun but scary too … I don’t think I could do a jump like that again now that I know what it feels like in my stomach :D

    1. Do you mean of me? I don’t think so. This is the same picture from the old blog, I think I’ve used it more than once.

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