The First Post

This is the new site - well the very start of things here at least. I wanted to get started because it’s now or never (and if I don’t now, most likely I never will). Since school ended in June, I’ve been saying it’s time for a new blog. And now, with what, 10 days left before the next school year, I’m finally getting into action. Finally. FINALLY.

This blog is going to be different from the 3 previous sites I had: I have a theme and I’m sticking with it. I have a lot to say. I need an outlet to reflect. I want to organize my thousands of photos. And most of all, I feel old – not physically or emotionally, more like technologically… if that makes sense…

The Husband always tells me I’m like a young girl living in the wrong time period. I’d probably be more effective as a human being living in the Middle Ages or something – a time when there’s no cellphones, or texting. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like shiny stainless steel appliances and all, and I do drive a car, but I tried my hardest this summer to find some interest in Facebook and Twitter and failed. Pinterest is kinda cool I must admit, but only because I can get ideas for craft projects for teaching, but how to find the time to log on?!

And so, I’m back to blogging because I enjoy writing – well typing. My writing can only be done with a black COPiC pen…  and I’m also back in an effort to catch up with the times. Our school board has a real push on technology this year, so if I know what’s best for me, I better start learning. Sometimes the students – they know more than me technology-wise, and that’s not good. I can only get someone to fix the speakers connected to the LCD projector so many times before I feel ridiculous. I actually miss the smooth feeling of those red and blue markers writing on overhead transparency pages… it’s at this point in my blog post that I know Sister#2 is rolling her eyes or has either stopped reading.

Anyways the point is, I’m back. It’s been too long. My old blogs will cease to exist very shortly (my previous name already expired in case you hadn’t noticed). I’m looking forward to learning and approaching this blog with a new attitude. More changes to the design to come into effect soon – a major thank you to Brother-in-law#2 for helping me get started. Enjoy!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney


12 thoughts on “The First Post

  1. I was rolling my eyes at that part as well! Even though I am not really a facebook/twitter type person I still would like to live in this time period. The problem is you don’t want to try anything! You have to try and look uo stuff to see how they work in order to learn. If you keep begging me or your student to do something for you, you will never learn! On top of that when we help you dont pay attention and then ask the same question again and again.

  2. If I had a teacher who was patient and willing to make things fun for me I might be a better learner!!!

    1. Thanks Mezba! I can’t take credit, brother in law#2 set it up for me. I’m going to continue to change things around here a bit when I get some time. For some reason on my laptop when I view the blog a lot of parts look out of place and some photos appear out of focus hopefully it looks better for everyone else.

    1. Thanks Aunty FP! I might bring some of the old posts over later. The old blogs sites were about a variety of topics, and the sites didn’t seem to have a main purpose. I’m trying to make this one more structured (and hopefully better)!

  3. is your entire family on here? lol you need to watch what to say.

    im not much into fb or twitter either. just have an account on facebook to talk to family/friends i dont see often or havent seen in years. and im not one of those people who adds people randomly. less than 100 people on my list i dont know how people have 500+. bet more than half are not even *friends*

    1. Asma, nice to see you here, thanks for commenting here and not on FB!
      My previous blog was more of a diary blog about my opinions, this blog is staying neutral and is going to be just about travel and art. Well, the art part is coming soon! But yeah, this blog may not be as exciting, but that’s okay, we’ve all grown up over the last 10 years (or more? man, when did I start that very first one, don’t even remember!).

  4. I think I hv been on your blog since 6 yrs..I remember planning the wedding and all.. :) good luck with the new blog.

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