The One About How We Pack

I take approx. an hour to pack my suitcase and I do so 1-2 days before leaving to go somewhere. I always have some idea of what kind of clothing I’m going to be packing dependent on the weather and expected activities. I pack in a kind of methodical order: clothes, footwear and toiletries, in that order,  in my suitcase. I take some time to pack my purse carefully for the plane. And finally, I end with choosing something comfortable to wear for the journey. The last thing I do is trim my finger and toenails because for some reason I feel that if you travel with long nails you’re prone to germs and disease. And I do this all in about 1 hour. I complete all of the above in a very peaceful and calm manner making sure several times that I’ve packed my Body Shop eyeliner because it’s the one thing I can’t live without.

The Husband is a different story. He races around at the last minute gathering what he needs and tossing them into his bag without even folding his clothes – the thought of crumpled up clothes all smushed together in his suitcase makes my head hurt and so while he’s racing around, I often lie down in bed to escape the madness. I’ve tried offering to pack his bag for him, I also have actually just taken matters into my own hands and have packed his bags for him, but he never likes what I pack him and always changes his mind. Usually The Husband overpacks and doesn’t end up wearing half his things and the end result is very heavy bag for us to lug around. And more often than not, he will forget something vital, like a comb. If I forgot my hairbrush, I’d make do, you know, like use my fingers or something. If the husband forgets his comb… or razor… or gel… OMG the world comes to a stop and we must right away buy a new one. And it’s for this reason that we now have a growing collection of combs, cheap razors, and cheap gels.

It’s very easy to tell our bags apart. Mine looks like the perfect black suitcase, nice and neat and tidy. His is bursting at the seams (even with that extra section space). The thing is though, that I’ll often pack and repack his bag at every stop we make and he won’t even notice how much nicer it is when I do it, I can always find a way to make everything fit.

Is this the case with all men? – That they just don’t know how to pack?

What is the one thing you can’t travel or leave home without?

I collect a lot of eco-friendly shopping bags that serve to separate my shoes and other small stuff in my luggage – Liu Wen.

5 thoughts on “The One About How We Pack

  1. I dont know what to say… For the first time what your saying is true except for the finger nail thing. Remember Pilly in Philly?????

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