The One about 5 Things

5 things I’ve done that 10-15 years ago, I never imagined doing:
1. A Safari – a real African safari in Africa, not a visit to African Lion Safari in Cambridge, Ontario. Once you do the real thing, you’ll never want to visit a zoo, it will never compare.
2. Swim in a waterfall – In, under, or on top – check, check, check. The most dangerous and exciting was swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls, devil’s pool in Zambia.
3. Shark cage diving – Off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa, seeing great white sharks that close? Never thought it was possible!
4. Sleep in the desert under the stars - Camping on the red sands of Wadi Rum, in Jordan under the stars with the Bedouin, feels a million miles away from home, but still feels like home around some of the warmest and most honest people you’ll ever meet.
5. Zipline through the jungle – Ziplining is popping up everywhere. The absolute best place to do try it is still in Costa Rica, zipping through and over the canopy trees in the rainforest, breathtaking.

5 more things I would love to do:
1. See the northern lights – I tell The Husband, “Let’s see how far we can drive north!” and he doesn’t want to pay for gas.
2. Hike the Inca Trail – I get tired walking up the stairs. I get tired walking down the stairs. I need to train for this. Or, maybe I need to take the train instead of walk.
3. Go on an Alaskan cruise – This just seems so much cooler than a Caribbean cruise.
4. Hang gliding in Rio – It doesn’t look scary…?!
5. Sleep in a little hut over the water – Can you ever justify spending $1000 for one night’s stay?
Life is either a great adventure or nothing – Helen Keller


6 thoughts on “The One about 5 Things

  1. ummm we cant just start driving north and keep going?! If you look at an Ontario map it goes up for a long long long time. If you pick a place where they are we can plan it and go! Also you cant do the Inca trail by train!,! That defeats the purpose of walking that far. You have to do the walk to get the prize at the end! Alaska is for when we are 60 and I am not paying 1000 for a hut!! Hand gliding in Rio sounds like my kind of adventure!

    1. When I’m 60 I want to stay put, no more travelling for me, just give me a good book to read and a comfy chair to sit in. I say we get Alaska done now!

    1. Ahahaha not always and not often… oh I wish my sister#2 could read your comment, she would disagree with you :D Thanks for still being a reader, I appreciate it – I was unsure about posting on FB but I’m trying new things!

    1. Let’s go North. Thanks for commenting, I was going to call you to ask you if I posted things right on FB but the phone is out of my reach and I couldn’t bring myself to get up (see my other comment about my laziness). So yeah, did I do it right? And yes, it would be fun to try a cruise together (if you can bare with me if I get seasick).

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