The One about Masterchef

Is anyone else waiting eagerly for Junior Masterchef? I have to admit I got hooked onto Masterchef late, watching almost every episode this season but only bits and pieces of previous seasons. I do enjoy cooking shows … and cooking competitions even more… I’m really hoping there’s another season of Next Great Baker…

Watching these shows make me super hungry for good food.

While watching the season finale of Masterchef this week, The husband and I began debating, where did we have our best meal, and if we knew we were going to die that day, what would we want our last supper to be, if we had the choice? This is the problem with “what if” questions, they always lead into some debate or heated discussion.

There’s no doubt in my mind, if I could choose my last meal to eat, I would go the traditional route. I’d want my grandmother’s South African biryani, some of her South African samoosas (not samosas!) with homemade green chutney, meat pies, some South African haleem, sweet rice, and some delicious koeksisters for dessert. So… basically an Eid dinner from my childhood. Yum! (please note the ‘South African’ is to identify these dishes as quite different in taste and appearance from dishes with the same name from other parts of the world).

I wish I could say I had inherited some of my grandmother’s skill in the kitchen. Her cooking really was the best, and well-known and respected in the community. But getting back on topic, the best meal… the best meal I’ve had is something different and wouldn’t necessarily be my last meal. The Husband and I just couldn’t agree on this, our tastes in food are just too different. My favourite meal was in Greece, simple food: fried eggplant and tzatziki and Greek frozen yogurt for dessert. The Husband argues that’s not a real meal, and that nothing beats the pasta he had in Italy, in particular, a pasta dish near the train station in Pisa, that he remembers in great detail, whereas I can’t quite place what I ate there.

One of our most memorable places to eat was an Italian restaurant in the south of Spain, or the Costa del sol. It was a beautiful night and we were wandering around after a day at the beach, looking for a place to eat when we stumbled upon Pizzeria Romantica. There wasn’t anybody sitting on the patio but it was packed inside. We opted for the quiet seating outside and the husband conversed with the Spanish speaking waiter as best he could to convey our two requests, no alcohol, no meat. Soon we were enjoying two piping hot fresh pasta dishes with a generous helping of cheese. We LOVED it. And we went back each night we were there. We went back so often, that on our last night, the waiter who knew us and our order by then, presented us with a gift, a beautiful bottle of the non-alcohol drink we had tried and liked. It’s nice to be able to stay long enough in a place to get to know the local people and feel a sense of belonging and trust, and that’s what we experienced there.

FYI – The Husband was unable to choose his last meal because of too many choices. He’s currently gone grocery shopping.

Where did you have your most delicious meal, and if you were able to choose your last supper, what would it be?

If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff – Remy, rat chef from Ratatouille.

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