The Passport Profiles

No real names used (in order of important somewhat):


That’s me. Obviously ‘liya isn’t my real name, I mean, whose name starts with an apostrophe and a lower case letter? I’m not some kind of celebrity ;)

I’m a high school English and Visual Arts teacher and I simply adore my job – I’m not just saying that, I really have a lot of fun at work. The students I teach are hilarious (and quite talented) and I don’t dread waking up every morning.  I have two caring parents and a lot of siblings… well 3, which is a lot to some but perfect for me. I’m a quiet person who thinks a lot and I often think in colours and textures and a whole lot of abstract things that don’t make sense to other people. And I love to travel. Did I say I love to TRAVEL? If I weren’t happy as a teacher I’d be travelling around the world (but for that you need $$$ and I don’t have that right now). I love everything from ancient ruins, to the tallest buildings, from bridges, to beaches and museums. And I love travelling with The Husband because he makes me laugh, even when we’re lost in the middle of a crowded, hot city where not a soul speaks English, we always have an adventure.


The Nephew

Too cute. I love him SO much.

The Husband 

The travel buddy and assistant shell collector.


Web wizard of (and this very blog)


The historian.

More profiles to be added as people are mentioned and guest posts are written! If you’re interested in writing a guest post on a travel topic, let me know and I’ll add your profile here. 


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